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'Train Local, Sustain Local' Fund


In the West Bank and Gaza, there are significant gaps in specialist medical care and limited opportunities for professional development for Palestinian physicians. These gaps hinder the ability to provide specialized healthcare services and impede the growth and advancement of medical professionals in the region.
'Train Local, Sustain Local' Fund

We are committed to investing in the education and training of specialist Palestinian health professionals as part of our efforts to bridge gaps, foster sustainable capacity, and support Palestinian medical facilities. Our approach involves providing hospital-based residencies and fellowships in Israeli hospitals. Through these programs, health professionals have the opportunity to acquire essential skills and experience, enabling them to become part of a new generation of trained medical personnel. By nurturing their talent and expertise, we aim to empower them to serve their communities effectively and contribute to the development and improvement of the Palestinian healthcare system.

  • Program recipients are committed to returning to their referring hospitals, utilizing their gained knowledge and experience to provide health services in their communities.
  • Scholarships include medical language training to equip health professionals with effective communication skills.
  • The Fund ensures sustainability by enabling recipients to train future Palestinian doctors and health professionals.
  • By investing in the new generation of medical personnel, we are building sustainable capacity in the healthcare system to meet community needs for the long term.

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