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Who We Are

Established in 2013, Project Rozana (Rozana) is an international organization promoting access to quality healthcare through joint initiatives between communities in conflict. Grounded in health diplomacy, we believe that health is a fundamental human right, cooperative health measures can establish new communication channels, and a robust health system is paramount to lasting peace and prosperity. Rozana currently operates in Israel and Palestine, addressing healthcare gaps and building relationships between healthcare actors.
Headquartered in Switzerland, Rozana is a network of affiliates in Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Palestine (in process), the UK, and the USA, with a regional operations team in Jerusalem.  

Our Mission

Rozana's mission is to promote cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis in the field of healthcare. We aim to address barriers to healthcare through joint Israeli-Palestinian initiatives.

Our Work

Rozana operates on three interconnected levels:

We connect healthcare institutions, identifying critical gaps and implementing health development solutions.


We create regional networks of healthcare professionals, facilitating knowledge-sharing and learning.


We improve healthcare outcomes for patients, fostering interaction between Palestinian and Israeli patients and practitioners.

Our Approach

Shared Health Goals 

In addressing health disparities through its programming, Rozana promotes equitable access to healthcare.

Health System Strengthening 

In promoting sustainable institution and capacity building, Rozana strengthens the Palestinian health system, as a fundamental pillar of Palestinian statehood.

Building Trust and Understanding 

In developing and implementing cooperative healthcare programs, Rozana fosters communication and trust among healthcare institutions, professionals, patients, and communities.

Gender Equity

In confronting barriers to healthcare that have created entrenched inequality for women and children, including gender-based violence (GBV), Rozana recognizes that gender equity is fundamental to conflict prevention.


In executing ongoing monitoring, evaluation and evidenced-based research, Rozana refines and anticipates future programming.

Knowledge Sharing

In engaging with global stakeholders, Rozana shares valuable lessons and best practices from the Israeli-Palestinian context. 

Diplomacy Potential

In demonstrating the benefits of cooperation through the breadth of our activities, Rozana contributes to broader diplomacy efforts.

Our Vision

Rozana's vision is to create more equitable and peaceful communities in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, by fostering collaboration and addressing healthcare disparities.

About Rozana

The story of Rozana Salawhi is at the heart of Rozana's mission. Her life-saving treatment in an Israeli hospital highlighted the importance of cross-border cooperation and empathy between Israelis and Palestinians. Rozana was founded to build on this example and create more opportunities for joint initiatives that bridge the divide between communities and promote equal access to healthcare for all.

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2022–2027 Strategic Plan

“Health is a cornerstone of society, never more so than now.”

Ron Finkel AM
Chair | Rozana International

You can read the 13-page report on-screen or as a PDF.

Project Rozana 5 Year Plan.pdf