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Rozana's Palestine-Israel Emergency Relief Appeal Funds in Action

Our Funds in Action

Here's a brief overview of how your donations to The Palestine-Israel Emergency Relief Appeal have been put to good use.
Rozana's Ongoing Impact:

  • Hospitals in Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza have received critical aid for essential equipment, empowering them to strengthen their capabilities.
  • Trauma training sessions are actively conducted for trauma teams at Israeli and Palestinian hospitals.
  • Collaborating with international partners, we ensured the provision of vital medications for hospitals in both the West Bank and Gaza, securing continued access to essential supplies during the crisis.
  • The Women4Women (W4W) team has tripled its patient intake, supported by a new, more robust ultrasound machine. Furthermore, First Aid training has been imparted to women within the communities.
  • Essential equipment is being supplied to furnish ambulances for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.
  • Our Wheels of Hope minibus operations have been relocated and reinforced in the West Bank to aid partner organizations whose volunteers faced unsafe conditions while transporting patients.
  • Accommodation for Gazan patients stranded in East Jerusalem after treatment has been facilitated through our partner hospitals.
  • Contributions to the ongoing construction efforts of the Al Rahma Rehabilitation Center in Hebron aim to benefit patients, particularly those from Gaza, once the facility is operational.

These initiatives would not be possible without the support of our donors who enable us to provide essential relief and support to those in need.