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Khal Asfour

Australia Board

Khal Asfour is a high-performing consultant with substantial experience providing strategic leadership and governance, having until early 2023, led Sydney’s Canterbury-Bankstown Council for over 12 years as Mayor.

Khal is committed to creating a vision for the future, while implementing strategic business plans and improving strategic and stakeholder relations.

He is currently Executive Management Consultant for a large not-for-profit helping to streamline processes to improve operations and plan revenue generating activities.

Khal has considerable experience in oversight and delivery of significant projects, in leading an organisation through crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic, setting and controlling budgets and implementing key improvement strategies.

Khal is collaborative and eager, with a skilled understanding and oversight of financial and risk management. He has held directorships on important local government, community, insurance, superannuation and educational organisations and is currently a director on three of those boards.