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Palestinians and Israelis Unite in First In-Person Training Amidst War

Palestinians and Israelis Unite in First In-Person Training Amidst War

In early February, amid the mounting conflict that has gripped Palestinian and Israeli communities since October 7, a significant milestone was achieved in the implementation of our joint Palestinian and Israeli ATLS course in February, the first in-person training between Israelis and Palestinians since the start of the war.  

Since its inception in December 2021, our collaborative project with Operating Together, funded initially by Rotary International, and today by USAID, has been an anchor of hope. It has not only provided vital trauma training, accessible and fully funded Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) certification courses to physicians in both communities, but also fostered unprecedented cooperation among healthcare professionals across borders. Bi-monthly gatherings at Wolfson Medical Center bring together ten Palestinian and ten Israeli physicians, embodying the spirit of health diplomacy.

Before our intervention, Palestinian physicians faced barriers to accessing ATLS training, despite its mandatory status in 80 countries worldwide. This highlighted the critical gap in healthcare provision that our initiative seeks to address.

“To adapt to the current situation of border closures, we brought in 10 Palestinian physicians from the East Jerusalem Hospital Network as well as those training at Israeli hospitals, alongside their Israeli counterparts to undertake the course”, says Dr. Adam Lee Goldstein, head of trauma at Wolfson Medical Center, Co-Founder of Operating Together, and Rozana Director. “This collaboration not only showcases a commitment to shared goals but also serves as a powerful catalyst for peacebuilding in the region, particularly in the critical field of trauma care during times of conflict.”

Despite challenges posed by escalated conflict, including a temporary pause in activities since October, we have adapted our strategies to ensure the continuity of this vital program.

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12 March 2024
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