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Compassionate Care Across Divides: Rozana's Palliative Initiative in Jerusalem

Compassionate Care Across Divides: Rozana's Palliative Initiative in Jerusalem

In the heart of Jerusalem amid escalating tensions, Rozana's Palliative Care Initiative launched in December 2023, paves a way for unity in healthcare, where compassion knows no borders.

A group of 50 physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, Palestinian and Israeli, gather every week for online palliative care training. Their mission? To bridge the gap in end-of-life care across East and West Jerusalem's healthcare landscape.

Partnering closely with five hospitals—Augusta Victoria, Sha’are Zedek, Al Makassed, Hadassah, and St. Louis—Rozana's initiative offers a space for constructive engagement to support the entire community.

In Palestine, palliative care struggles for formal recognition, resources are scarce, and specialized providers are few. In contrast, Israeli hospitals boast small but dedicated palliative care units, reflecting a disparity in access and provision of care. Across the region, however, end-of-life care access is hindered by a shortage of trained staff, particularly those with cultural and linguistic competence to support patients and families during this difficult period.

Despite these challenges, Rozana's initiative marches forward, driven by a shared commitment to alleviate suffering and provide comfort in life's final moments. Dr. José Pereira, Professor of Palliative Care at McMaster University and Co-Founder of Pallium Canada, which is delivering the course, reflects on its impact as "inspiring and humbling," underscoring the universal importance of compassionate end-of-life care.

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12 March 2024
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