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Dr Janan Faraj Falah

Israel Board

Among her many distinguished achievements, Dr Janan Faraj Falah is a senior lecturer at the Western Galilee College in Acre.

She is also a researcher at the University of Haifa, chair of the Academic Committee at the Galilee College, Ghetto Fighters’ Center and academic Center for Conservation in Acre.

She is also author of ‘The Druze Woman’.

In 2003, she founded and managed the ‘Vision of the Women of Acre’ association to advance the status of women in Acre and the north. Recently, the association led a project to support Arab and Jewish diabetics, the first of its kind in Israel.

A firm believer in the power of women to change the destiny of humanity for the better, Janan established the Women’s House for Peace in Acre.

She was a recipient of the Rappaport Prize in 2016.