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Bringing Joy on the Wheels of Hope: Clown Ezzat, Red Noses

Bringing Joy on the Wheels of Hope: Clown Ezzat, Red Noses

Performing for the Palestinian children on Rozana's Wheels of Hope bus after their dialysis sessions at Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem was a profoundly touching experience for me. These children, who undergo the exhausting journey from the West Bank three times a week for treatment, demonstrated remarkable resilience, which I had the privilege to witness firsthand. 

Our time on the bus together went beyond entertainment; it became a journey of shared humanity. Despite their fatigue, the atmosphere transformed as soon as the children boarded. We sang and joked, filling the bus with laughter. Hearing their laughter and seeing their eyes light up was truly magical. 

At each stop, we bid farewell playfully—through high-fives, funny faces, and playful waves. Their happiness was palpable. It was not solely about diverting them from their pain; it was about forging connections, boosting their morale, and reassuring them that they are not alone. 

This experience was profoundly fulfilling and inspiring. It underscored the power of human connection and the joy found in simple interactions. I look forward to many more adventures and moments of shared laughter on the Wheels of Hope and thank Rozana supporters for making this program possible. 

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11 June 2024
Category: News