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Improving Cardiology Treatment in Palestine

Electrophysiology, a branch of heart care, focuses on heartbeats' electrical signals. This matters in Palestine where heart problems are a leading cause of death. Still new here, electrophysiology faces hurdles due to a scarcity of expertise and equipment. As a result, complex cases are often sent to Israel or abroad for treatment. 

Al-Makassed Hospital, located on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem, is well-regarded for its charitable and educational efforts. As part of the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network, it stands as one of six essential district hospitals. With 250 beds, it's a vital referral center for patients from East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.  

Recognizing the necessity to address the scarcity of electrophysiologists in the region, Project Rozana worked with Al-Makassed Hospital and Hadassah Medical Center to nominate a cardiologist and mentor to address this gap. Dr. Abu Asbeh will ultimately gain the skills and knowledge to provide expert care for Palestinian patients and cultivate the next generation of electrophysiologists upon his return to Al-Makassed Hospital.

This fellowship holds a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of Palestinian healthcare professionals, particularly in the field of Electrophysiology. Project Rozana eagerly anticipates the positive impact that Dr. Abu Asbeh's training will have on the healthcare system within Palestine. We are committed to investing in the education and training of specialist Palestinian health professionals as part of our efforts to bridge health gaps, foster sustainable capacity, and support Palestinian medical institutions.

Proposed Program  

This intensive two-year program at Hadassah offers comprehensive training in diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Asbeh will gain hands-on experience across electrophysiology aspects, including mastering diagnostic tools and therapeutic methods such as catheter ablation and pacemaker implantation. 

Prof. David Luria, Head of Arrhythmia Treatment and Pacemaker Implantation at Hadassah University Hospital, leads this esteemed program. Prof. Luria has previously mentored select Palestinian cardiologists in electrophysiology, emphasizing the program's caliber. 

Future Prospects and Sustainability  

After completing his fellowship, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Asbeh will return to Al Makassed Hospital's Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Department. This department plays a vital role, performing around 140 surgeries yearly, covering a range of services like coronary artery bypass surgery, valve repair, and pacemaker implantation. 

Dr. Abu Asbeh's selection for this fellowship reflects his commitment and potential to drive positive change in Palestinian healthcare. We're excited to welcome back his contributions, enriched by the new skills and insights acquired during his training. 

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04 September 2023
Category: News