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Wheels of Hope: Providing Lifeline Transportation for Palestinian Patients

Every year, around 100,000 Palestinian patients find themselves in need of medical care from Israeli and East Jerusalem hospitals. Unfortunately, the journey to receive this crucial treatment is filled with challenges stemming from political and economic factors. These hurdles are even more daunting for patients from Gaza, who face limited permits and severe economic difficulties, with an unemployment rate reaching a staggering 46%.  

For those fortunate enough to have jobs, daily wages in Gaza can be as low as 20 NIS (approximately $6 USD). With transportation costs from the Erez checkpoint to hospitals in Jerusalem and the West Bank starting at 200 NIS ($60 USD), this expense alone equals a week's worth of wages for many. 

By providing a bus that offers free and safe transportation for patients from Gaza, Project Rozana's Wheels of Hope program addresses the urgent need for accessible medical care for thousands of patients and their families, a particularly critical advantage for those undergoing frequent cancer or dialysis treatments. The growing demand for this service month after month is a clear testament to its necessity. 

Join us in making a difference and ensuring that everyone in need can access the treatment they deserve. Your contribution can transform lives and bridge the gap between medical necessity and accessibility. Together, we can bring hope and healing to those who need it most. 

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04 September 2023
Category: News