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Strengthening Health Connections in Palestine and Israel Through Language Training

At the heart of our Nursing Hub is a powerful tool for promoting improved healthcare in both Palestine and Israel: language exchange. This unique Rozana initiative focuses on breaking down communication barriers by teaching Arabic, Hebrew and English to our 500 participants.  

The Nursing Hub participants have expressed a strong interest in learning Arabic (for non-Arabic speaking Israeli participants) and Hebrew (for Palestinian participants) and English to communicate better with one another. This desire for linguistic connection has led to the introduction of language courses as a crucial component of the program. Through these courses, participants not only learn the languages but also engage in meaningful interactions that bridge the gap between different healthcare communities. 

The impact of this language exchange initiative reaches beyond just language proficiency. As participants become more adept in Arabic, Hebrew and English, the barriers that once hindered effective communication among healthcare professionals are dissolving. This fosters a more collaborative environment and improves health outcomes for patients.  

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04 September 2023
Category: News