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September 2023 Newsletter

Enhancing Our Impact Through In-Depth Programming

Lately, I’ve been using the word ‘metamorphosis’ as I describe Project Rozana. And it’s not just because today we’re implementing multiple health diplomacy projects and we’ve been successful in securing some institutional funding. It’s because of the privileged birds eye view I have of our activities. We are listening to needs and co-designing our programming. This can be seen in the English, Arabic and Hebrew language classes we’re providing our nurses to improve their work and better communicate with their peers, and in operating our minibuses at different hours to various locations, for the thousands of patients we serve, each with individual needs. 

We are extraordinarily grateful for your unwavering commitment. 


Ronit Zimmer
CEO, Project Rozana

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Rozana Highlights

  • Strengthening Health and Relations Through Language Training. 
  • Improving Cardiology Treatment in Palestine.
  • Providing Lifeline Transportation for Palestinian Patients.

Voices of Impact

  • "...He is All She Has..." a story from the Gaza borders.

Our Global Reach

  • Project Rozana Represented at the Australia Labor Party Conference in Brisbane 

Healthcare Advancement in Palestine and Israel
Strengthening Health Connections in Palestine and Israel Through Language Training

At the heart of our Nursing Hub is a powerful tool for promoting improved healthcare in both Palestine and Israel: language exchange. This unique Rozana initiative focuses on breaking down communication barriers by teaching Arabic, Hebrew and English to our 500 participants.  


Improving Cardiology Treatment in Palestine.

Electrophysiology, a vital aspect of the cardiology field, deals with the electrical signals of heartbeats. Unfortunately, Palestine is home to a high rate of cardiac issues but lacks specialist cardiologists, and therefore patients are sent to Israel and elsewhere for treatment. Al-Makassed Hospital and Hadassah Medical Center are working with Project Rozana to train Dr. Abu Asbeh in this crucial field. This collaboration will enable Dr. Abu Asbeh and Al-Makassed to deliver electrophysiology services to Palestinian cardiac patients. 


Wheels of Hope: Providing Lifeline Transportation for Palestinian Patients

Every year, approximately 100,000 Palestinian patients receive medical care from Israeli and East Jerusalem hospitals for treatments that are unavailable in the West Bank and Gaza. However, accessing this vital treatment is marred by challenges stemming from intensive political and economic factors. In addressing this basic right to access healthcare, Project Rozana's Wheels of Hope program offers buses for patients from Gaza and volunteer drivers from all of our borders.  


Voices of Impact
"...He is All She Has..."

Diana Shehadeh (middle), Wheels of Hope Director 

I woke up at 5:00 am today to be able to get my things and the kids’ things in order before I leave. I’m exhausted but I feel silly saying I’m exhausted when a 70-year-old man from Gaza told me he’s been up since the morning prayer, a little before 5:00 am, and ever since on the road from his house to multiple stations to get to the Erez crossing.  

Read more about Diana's field trip

Our Global Reach
Project Rozana Represented at the Australia Labor Party Conference in Brisbane

During the ALP Conference in Brisbane

The Australia Labor Party (ALP) Conference held in Brisbane August 17-19, brought together leaders, activists, and organizations dedicated to advancing progressive causes. The conference provided a platform for Project Rozana to engage in meaningful discussions with Australian politicians, policymakers, and fellow activists about our health diplomacy activities. By showcasing the tangible impact of our work, Mohammad Asideh, Rozana’s head of engagement, demonstrated how healthcare interventions have the power to transcend political barriers and inspire positive change in the communities we are serving in the region, and in our affiliate jurisdictions. 

04 September 2023
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