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Facilitating Dialogue and Shared Society in Challenging Times - Michal Levin

Facilitating Dialogue and Shared Society in Challenging Times - Michal Levin

Over the past twenty years, I have dedicated my professional career to conducting workshops on Israeli-Palestinian relations, training group facilitators, leading courses on dialogue facilitation, teaching the field at the tertiary level, and consulting organizations on shared society and cross-border projects. 

Since the onset of the war, fear and exasperation have intensified on both sides. In the initial months of the conflict, the war severely disrupted the efforts of both Israeli and Palestinian organizations in the field. Countless joint projects and encounter groups were canceled, making it seem that such interactions were almost impossible. 

Then Rozana approached me... They were developing peace content for their collaborative medical interventions and specifically their unique Nursing Hub, funded by MEPPA/USAID. That an organization planned to implement a dialogue initiative that offers an aspirational horizon in these tumultuous times is remarkable. Those committed to living side-by-side had not given up. On the contrary, they realized that now, more than ever, our resilience for a better future is crucial and we cannot succumb to the bleakness dominating public discourse. 

Rozana proves that with vision, courage, and determination, it is still possible to advance programs that offer much-needed inspiration. Our leadership development program, spanning 80 intensive hours of in-person and virtual interactivity, locally and abroad, will create a safe space for mutual recognition, deep interpersonal communication and reflection, and a transformative process that will lead to shared momentum. 

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11 June 2024
Category: News